At these Christmas markets you have the best chance of flirting

Christmas markets are an ideal place to flirt: Lots of people, a happy atmosphere and lots of mulled wine. But which Christmas market in Germany has the highest flirting potential? We found that out for you again this year. We looked at the app activities on 33 German Christmas markets. We found out in which city the most matches take place and where the singles are particularly attractive, i.e. get the most likes.

Last year the Christmas market on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz was your flirt stronghold. This year, however, the Dortmund singles have clearly moved past Berlin: We have recorded over 5000 matches here. The Berliners don’t have to be sad, however, because with just over 3600 matches, the capitals are in second place. The Frankfurt singles match up to third place (almost 3000 matches).

The most attractive singles, however, can be found in Chemnitz. Every user who visited the Christmas market received an average of 106 likes – the absolute top value of this year’s analysis! But Dortmund also shows its flirting qualities here: each single got 56 likes. With 49 likes, Wuppertal supplements the cities’ podium with the most attractive singles.

Are you wondering why we are particularly active in the flirt search in the autumn and winter months? One explanation for this is the dating phenomenon “cuffing”, which we have explained to you in more detail here.

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