So you can overcome your lovesickness

Everyone gets caught: The big love is not returned and one suffers from a bad heartache. This condition is also called “broken heart syndrome”: when the heartache is so strong that not only the soul suffers, but also the body. It is all the more important to know how you can overcome your lovesickness and look back positively into the future – without the other people in your life.

What is heartache at all?

Heartache is the result of an unfulfilled or lost love. Many different feelings arise during the heartache: sadness, anger, hopelessness and just a huge mess of hormones. During the phase of falling in love, your happiness hormones are at a high and as soon as these hormones are no longer released, this has a major impact on your mood. In principle you are on a mental and physical withdrawal. The good news: lovesickness is “curable”!

Take a limited time to mourn

You are hurt and your soul and body have to generate yourself first. Take a few days to let your feelings out and to separate yourself mentally from the person. Set yourself a fixed period of time, because afterwards you should concentrate on the positive things in life again in order to be able to overcome your lovesickness.

Favor positive hormones

When your scheduled grief time comes to an end, you should do a lot to bring your hormones back into balance. Sport is ideal for producing a reject of happiness hormones and also distracts you well. Meet up with good friends and do fun things. For example, watch comedy films and do everything that you particularly enjoy. Even if you are thinking that you might not have fun at the moment, the motto is “Fake it, till you make it”. At some point you will think less and less of this one person and go through life in a good mood again. Distraction by and with good friends is the best way to declare war on lovesickness.

Follow your crush on social media

He or she has been going through your head all day anyway. Therefore, you should consciously follow the social media accounts of your ex. If the person posts diligently, you will continue to pursue his / her life and that does not help to overcome the heartache. Also “I just take a quick look at his profile” is taboo – however difficult it may be for you. If you want to forget him or her, you should remember this person as little as possible. Also collect objects in your apartment that remind you of the time together and bring them out of your field of vision. Out of sight – out of mind.

No offense

Quite often, an afflicted ego goes hand in hand with lovesickness, and this puts twice as much strain on the psyche. This usually happens with acquaintances who have not existed for so long. There are so many reasons why a one-way relationship is desirable. Most of the time, the reasons are in the (pre) story of your loved one. Maybe he or she has not yet finished with his old relationship, or he simply prefers to be a single. Does this have anything to do with your looks or your charm? Probably not. Regardless of whether you only knew each other for a short time or whether you have been a couple for years – people are not always compatible and every person also develops in their own personal direction over the years.

You can’t force anything

In order to overcome your heartache, you unfortunately have to put up with the fact that it shouldn’t be. Forcing someone to be lucky almost never leads to success. If you don’t give up, your crush will pull away even more and you will hurt yourself more and more. The effect often arises that you want exactly what you cannot get. This vicious circle is difficult to break. It is best if you break contact with the person in order to come to terms with yourself. If your crush were only half-heartedly with you, neither of you would be happy.

Rebuild your confidence

Deprivation of love usually goes hand in hand with an insult to self-confidence. Treat yourself to a shopping tour and a visit to the hairdresser. If you feel good in your skin, you will strengthen your self-confidence and it will be easier for you to overcome the heartache. If your ex lived with you, you could also decorate your apartment – without compromise.

If the ex offers you a friendship

Usually a friendship is offered by those who want to pull themselves out of “the affair”. However, this should be treated with caution.

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