These are the most successful zodiac signs in dating

Whether daily or only every now and then: Each of us always takes a look at our horoscope. Even if we often believe that none of the written information can be correct, we are happy if the current horoscope does match the events in life. Hardly any horoscope is about love. But what does it look like in real life? We asked ourselves the same question and analyzed which zodiac signs received the most likes on Jaumo and which of the twelve zodiac signs went down best with the others.

It is clear that scorpions get the most likes from you, namely every eighth! But the scales among you can also look forward to a lot of approval from the other singles, because every tenth like goes to you. Virgins are also good at it: Almost 9 percent of all likes given go to singles born between the end of August and the end of September.

And which zodiac signs are the most popular flirt partners now? We also have an answer for you. Here, too, the scorpions are the winners. If you look at the most popular match partners of each zodiac sign, the scorpion is represented in everyone. We are not surprised because scorpions are said to have strong empathy and are very attractive to others. That already seems to be true! The Libra zodiac sign is said to be not only active but also very open. Thanks to these characteristics, those born in September and October land in the top 3 with ten zodiac signs. The ibex, which are considered family people, are well received by eight zodiac signs.

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