This way you can find out when the right time to apply for a marriage has come

Have you found the person in your partner with whom you want to spend your life? Congratulations! Finding the right partner is not the easiest exercise on earth. But for you it is clear that you do not want to spend your life with any other person. Now you’re probably wondering when is the right time to propose marriage? Since this time is very individual, there is no magic bullet. If you and your partner meet the following requirements, then your marriage proposal should be answered with a happy “yes”.

Your mutual affection is on the same level

You two are within the relationship at eye level and the affection of one does not exceed that of the other? That is the best basic requirement for your marriage proposal. The longer a relationship runs, the more often small conflicts can occur, but the big picture must always be considered. If you two love each other equally, the basis for a good marriage and the upcoming marriage proposal has been created.

You speak of the distant future

Are you planning to travel with your partner for next year? This shows that you and your partner are happy with your relationship and that you want to stay together for a long time. If you are already planning joint investments (such as building a house), or have even spoken of children, the thing is obvious: Life should go on together. Since the marriage proposal is actually only a matter of form.

You both like the construct of marriage

Even if the relationship is going great and it is clear that the future should be spent together, there are people who do not want to get married. Nowadays it is no longer a social obligation to marry and some people can and want to forego the tax benefits. If you know that your partner is generally for marriage, then the requirements for the marriage proposal are already in place.

You know good times and bad

Especially in the first few months of a relationship, those involved wear pink glasses. Everything about the other is great and you think you’ve met the perfect person. The more months you move into the country, the better you get to know your partner with all its quirks. Does your partner cope with your “quirks” and vice versa? It is also important that you maintain a good dispute culture. Disagreements are normal within a relationship, but do you two find a common solution to the problem? If so, then nothing stands in the way of a marriage proposal. If you as a couple have not only had good times but also bad times, the conditions are good for a marriage. Because here you swear in public that you stick together in all situations.

You are good for each other

Do you feel that the relationship between you and your partner is enriching for both of you? If you support each other in every situation, show understanding and sometimes give the other his freedom, then you are a great couple with a working relationship!

The marriage proposal shouldn’t have to save the relationship

Do the aforementioned points only partially or not at all in your relationship? If you are currently in a difficult phase and you want to save the relationship through the marriage proposal, these are not the best conditions. The problems should be solved before you even think about getting married. An engagement should be a highlight of the relationship and not an act of despair. If your partner said “yes” at this stage, it could be a mixture of pity, guilt and vague hope. These are not good foundations for a functioning marriage. First wait and work on the construction sites of your relationship. When you’ve got through this phase together, you can still get on your knees.

Don’t be afraid of a no

Of course, you are not in your partner’s thoughts and, contrary to expectations, he could answer your marriage proposal with a “No”. Of course, that hurts at first, but it also shows you the status of your relationship. Maybe there are construction sites with you that you didn’t know about? Of course, your partner has to make a statement so that you can work on yourself. The “no” may not be final either, and you will become engaged later. An honest “no” is better than any half-hearted “yes”. Take this chance to bring the relationship up to scratch and talk to your partner without being offended. Communication is essential in a good relationship!

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