We have improved VIP membership for you!

If you are a VIP member, you can now enjoy even more benefits. We have expanded the filter options for you and set up a boost function that increases your own visibility. In addition, you will now be notified of missed matches, so that you will no longer miss a flirt.

Leave nothing to chance – advanced filter options for partner selection

So that you really hit the mark in your matches, you can independently determine the search area in the filter settings with a VIP membership using further criteria. In the following table you can see which preferences you can use to select proposed candidates in the Jaumo community.

  • criteria
  • Choices
  • level of education

No graduation; Secondary schools; Secondary school; Training; High School; Studies (without a degree); College student; Bachelor; Master; PhD; miscellaneous

Relationship status

Single; In a relationship; Married; Living separately; Divorced; Widowed; In an open relationship; It’s complicated

I’m looking for

Fixed partnership; Flirt; Sensual encounters; Friendship

  • height
  • freely selectable
  • religion

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Orthodox, Jewish, Spiritual, Other, Believer, but not religious, Neither believer, nor religious


No matter; Yes; No

Don’t give up any chances!

In addition, you will be notified of missed matches with the new update. If you have given a user a rejection, but the user gave you a like, you will receive a notification. So you can think about it again more carefully and undo your decision if you are interested.

You can also increase your visibility with the new boost function. By purchasing a boost, you will be shown to other users with priority for 30 minutes, so your chance of matches increases significantly.

Previous features remain

The use of Jaumo is basically free of charge. However, it is possible to highlight your own profile via a VIP status and to use all functions of Jaumo unlimited and ad-free. Well-known VIP benefits are of course still available. These include, for example, the allocation of super likes or read confirmations in the chat.

The update is done automatically by updating the app to iOS 5.6.2. or Android 5.3.4. Already knew? You can test the VIP membership for free for seven days!

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